Overcome the barriers to successful online graduate programs. 

These are some of the issues that may have limited your online impact: technology and delivery, translation, student services, career mentorship, quality control, and cost.

Not anymore.

Our teams have partnered with the best universities to expand their global reach.  Today, we are serving more than 50,000 students annually in 150 countries.

Our online degree team has decades of experience in higher education. We’ve built a reputation for flexibility, reliability, deep expertise, and custom-built programs that honor the world-renowned prestige, influence, and values of the universities we work with. We see nothing but opportunity ahead for universities like yours.



Imagine a world with no barriers to graduate degrees, none of the issues in higher education that have prevented talented students from making real contributions.

Emeritus Global Online Degrees can help you deliver that dream because we are true pioneers in the world of global online education. We partner with the most prestigious institutions to deliver online degrees and graduate programs to the world’s most capable, hard-working students.


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